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Black Sea Research Institute of Economy and Innovation is created as the private scientific establishment with the aim to promote the development of economic sciences and business integration, search for new approaches to management of socio-economic systems under the European integration processes. Main directions of activities of the Black Sea Research Institute of Economy and Innovation are:

analysis of modern innovation processes in the national and world economy;

research of leading tendencies and problems of development of socio-economic systems and their projection over the development of the Black Sea region;

disclosure of results of scientific research made by native and foreign scientists in the field of economics, management, entrepreneurship, trade, social sphere development;

organization of cooperation between business structures, enterprises, establishments and organizations of different forms of ownership and the world and native scientific community (roundtables, research and practice conferences, thematic exhibitions, symposia, congresses, intensive trainings, open days, career days, workplace visits, public lectures);

information of research and educational personnel, entrepreneurs and students of Ukraine regarding exchange programs in higher educational institutions of Europe, help in probation organization in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

public consultation of drafts of international and national regulatory acts, which regulate economic and innovation activity in Ukraine and abroad;

promotion of innovative vector development in economy and business in terms of the European integration and globalization processes.


Sincerely and looking forward to a fruitful scientific cooperation,
Director of Institute, PhD.                                                                                Oleh Holovko